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My name is Emily, and this is my blog on anything and everything figure skating! I am a figure skater, and I would love for you to follow me, even if you aren't! Enjoy!

chantelle798 asked: Thank you so much! And yeah im doing it for once a week, and im rlly exited :) so do you compete in competitions? Thanks again <3

I do! I compete in competitions in my state and surrounding states several times a year. 

chantelle798 asked: Hi! I might start figure skating and im 13... And I was wondering if i would compete in state competitions (definetly not olympics, i think im too old to get into the olympics) how long would you think it would take to be able to do double jumps and stuff? Thank you so much!

Hi! You could definitely compete in competitions. I didn’t start skating until I was 12; I’m now doing jumps through double loop and double flip and competing at the novice level. The time it takes to do jumps all depends on the level of commitment you give to your skating and your off-ice training. Even if you can only skate for one day a week (my situation for several years), you can always train strength, balance, and flexibility off-ice. As for the Olympics, don’t shoot down a dream before you even begin! Yes, competition at the senior level is insanely difficult, but Johnny Weir began skating when he was just 12 years old, and look at all he has achieved! So while the Olympics aren’t likely for us late starters, they aren’t impossible either. Another option would be eventually skating professionally with Disney on Ice or companies like Ice Theater of NY, or even coaching one day! :) Good Luck! 

flashingneonlights asked: Hi! I'm just a beginner figure skater but your SP music and ice show sounds really cool!! Would love to see it. Good luck!! :) -winterlovexx

Thanks! That’s so great that you have started figure skating! I’m really excited about both programs; I’ll see if I can post a video once we put it all together! 


So, clearly, I haven’t been on this tumblr in quite a while - erm… oops. Anyway, I decided to start posting again as a way to keep track of my own progress in figure skating (and you’re welcome to follow along or completely ignore my ramblings). So, I just passed the Intermediate Freeskate Test, and I will now be competing at the Novice Level!!! I’m super excited. My short program is going to be to music from Alice in Wonderland. I also auditioned for, and got a part, in our club’s annual ice show - the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz! It’s pretty much going to be the best thing ever. 

love-the-pinkxo asked: Hey girl! Are you in the US? If so, what level are you on? :D Followed!

I am currently at the USFSA level Juvenile, but I compete at the Intermediate level. Thanks for your interest!

laaayzy asked: your a figure skater? :) uh what level are you now? do you compete? international? :)

I am currently USFSA level Juvenile, but I compete at the Intermediate level. Thanks for your interest!

Skater Spotlight: Caroline Zhang

Caroline Zhang is an incredible figure skater. She is the 2007 World Junior Champion and the 2009 U.S. Bronze medalist. Her skating is elegant and marked by her amazing flexibility. When she’s not skating, she loves playing the violin, ballet, art, reading, and helping animals.

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